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Make great hires with confidence

Employee Selection Tests: Resources and Tips

Hire the Best Talent

Our pre-employment selection assessments provide a scientifically-measured, valid, and legally defensible approach for effectively comparing candidates, removing bias, and making informed hiring decisions

Deciding who to hire is full of uncertainty and risk. Relying solely on interviews, resumes, and reference checks only provides a partial picture of a potential employee. Identifying the candidate with the best person-job fit requires assessing their capabilities, character, and alignment with your workplace culture. Interviews, resumes, and reference checks only provide a partial picture of a candidate. Relying solely on these methods can lead to poor person-job fit. 

Giving you the complete picture, you will be able to evaluate each candidate’s:

  • workstyle

  • interpersonal skills

  • problem-solving skills

  • values and motivations

The results of our employee pre-screening tests ensure you select people who can complete the job and fit your organization. When you make the right hiring decisions, you find yourself with an engaged workforce, an efficient business, less conflict, and fewer headaches.

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